Our Team

Jen is our Admin Manager and she is also the
friendly, helpful voice you will hear at the end of the telephone. She is your first point of contact with First Aid Tailor Made. Jen is an experienced administrator and has a wealth of experience in the field of customer service.

A qualified Paediatric Nurse since 1999, Fiona
has worked in a wide range of paediatric settings. She has a PGCE in Further Adult and Higher Education and holds a current FAW and EFAW qualification. Fiona who specialises in paediatric and emergency paediatric first aid also regularly teaches first aid to young people between 12-18 yrs as well as adults

GORDON WORTHINGTON A fire fighter with 13 years service Gordon has provided initial emergency care and life support
in trauma care and holds a PTTLS level 4 teaching
Qualification. He has undergone extensive training in enhanced rescue, gaining knowledge and experience in RTC’s, mechanics of injury and persons trapped in machinery. Gordon draws on his knowledge and vast experience to teach first aid and Automated External De-fib (AED) in an enjoyable and approachable manner.

Learning to Help Save Lives